Does Old wine always mean better wine? Store them in Wine Racks

Does Old wine always mean better wine? Store them in Wine Racks

There is an old adage “Wine improves with age”. Since the age of ancient Greeks, people believe this a lot and keep the wines intact for a long time. But does it makes any difference to the wine? Well, the taste of the wine changes, but the wine’s quality doesn’t change over time.


Most of the wines you buy are made to consume right away or within some time. People think of wine like the antique collection of things and store it in the wine racks for too long. There are some treasures that get better with the passing time and at some point they become antique. Just like the collection of most old cars known as vintage cars, the wine becomes a treasure over time.


Even the Bible has mentioned the superiority of aged wine in Luke 5:39, which says “And no one after drinking old wine desires new, for he says, “The old is good.”


A more chemical reaction occurs as the wine gets older and that's especially true in red wines. When it comes to cellar-like conditions, wine storage is widely known, but not all wine drinkers are aware of the importance of storing the wine. Storing in the proper way also serves great for preserving the wine. The taste, color, and aroma of the wine changes and become better as a reaction occurs among sugars, acids, and substances known as phenolic compounds. If a wine is a crap at first, aging it might help.


Tertiary aromas in the wine are build up by Oxydation and the tannins. You might be confused and questioning yourself “Do all wines taste better with age?” well, actually “NO”.


Wines contain Tannins, which is a natural preservative. It has the capacity of preserving wine for about 40 years and the amount of Tannins is in different proportions in Red and White wine. When a wine is young, its tannins give it a bitter and astringent flavor. In time, the tannins disappear and cause the body of the wine to develop its own “odor,” or fragrance and scent. The smell improves over time and also it imparts a smooth and delicious flavor without the tartness of a younger wine.


But also there is nothing wrong with the young wines and even many varieties of wine do not benefit from aging, regardless of the quality. You can still enjoy and cherish your special moments even with the young wines. It's still of value, to a handful of wine drinkers.


You can store the wine using our Modular wine racks and enjoy your bottle whenever it is the best time. Wine becomes a treasure over time, it’s a common myth while the choice and preferences are completely yours.


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