Wow Your Friends With Wine From A Wine Rack

Wow Your Friends With Wine From A Wine Rack

It is true that not all wine requires cellaring. In fact, many wines are made for immediate consumption and often taste great.

However, other wines will mature and develop deeper complex flavours over time. These are the beauties you want to bring out at your next dinner party to wow your wine lover friends and give them wine envy.

There are wines and situations where cellaring wine is necessary - possibly you have purchased to much wine to consume immediately (despite your best efforts) or maybe the quality of the vintage requires further maturation. The taste of many wines will develop greatly with age, softening any harsh tannin flavours and developing a deeper, richer colour.

To keep it simple, here are a few requirements for quality medium to long term cellaring listed below:

  • Place your wine rack on its side Modularack is a great wood wine rack for this). This will keep the bottle's cork completely moist, making it hard for air to pass through the cork and spoiling your wine.
  • Provide a cool, constant temperature (under stair wine storage rack, in a spare cupboard, under the house maybe)
  • Allow no direct sunlight, this will help the wines maintain a constant temperature and avoid spoiling.
  • Limit repositioning (moving) the bottle

Your wine racks wine storage is important if you would like to store your wine for future enjoyment. Make sure you wow your friends with your cellared wine, a wooden wine rack like Modularack is a great start.

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