71 Grange Hermitage

71 Grange Hermitage

71 Grange Hermitage - $1,999 at Dan Murphy’s

Named as the world’s greatest wine of the ‘70’s

The half million dollar internationally judged tasting of hundreds of famed labels from France, Spain, Germany, Italy and New World Producers like Australia and USA were tasted.

Thanks to Max Schubert – winemaker for Penfolds

The reason for my blog :-

Once a year I join a few good mates for a long lunch – at a BYO restaurant – as we all enjoy vintage reds.  We bring an old and great wine each year.  There has to be a story of how we obtained it and we share the wines and stories.

I bought my 1971 Grange Hermitage for $8.00 a bottle in about 1974.  I purchased a dozen bottles.

My wine rack system was and is Modularack Wine Racks and over the years as my wine collection grew, I added to my Modularack system to end up with a large wine rack cellar.

We all agreed that my Grange was the best wine at our lunch and the fact that a wine I purchased for $8.00 back in the early ‘70’s would cost around $1,999 at Dan Murphy’s in today’s market.  This is testament to the advantage of storing your wines in an excellent Wine Rack such as Modularack.

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