Wood Wine Racks vs. Metal Wine Racks

Wood Wine Racks vs. Metal Wine Racks

In our experience assisting customers with wooden wine rack vs. metal wine racks, it has always come down to personal taste. Modularack is only available in wood, and personally, we think it looks best…. not biased at all ;)

A wine rack or your wine furniture, should reflect the tastes and personality of the owner and work with the design of its surroundings. Below we have listed some benefits of our Modularack Wine Racks, hopefully, this will allow you to make a better-informed decision.

Timber wine racks, like Modularack, provide a unique look and feel that is unbeatable. The warm, wooden look and feel convey an elegant and luxurious aesthetic.

Metal racks can be unnecessarily expensive and possibly rust over time, this is not an issue with Modulacak Wine Racks. We have been manufacturing our wooden wine racks for over 40 years, and they have definitely stood strong against the test of time.

Our wine rack system is modular and will allow you to add additional layers as you fill your wine racks and grow your wine storage collection.

Our wooden wine racks are strong, solid and stable. We often see cheap imports and flimsy metal wine racks that we would never risk our wine on.

Our natural finish, allows customers to stain or varnish the racks to match their décor. We do provide a dark stain finish which can be purchased from our website.

Our 9 standard sizes provide plenty of flexibility, allowing our customers to fill almost any space.

Our wooden wine racks do not damage the bottle or the bottle’s label as opposed to metal racks which have a tendency to scratch labels.

Wood features natural characteristics and textures that provide a great look.

For more information, visit www.modularack.com.au | #modularack

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