Benefits of Stackable Wine Racks

Benefits of Stackable Wine Racks

One of the most difficult aspects of choosing a standing wine rack is trying to estimate the wine storage capacity you need. This can be a fun process when it comes to thinking about how much wine you will purchase and how many wineries you will visit.

Modular style wine racks are a great choice for those who are beginning their wine collection. They are often cost-effective and do not require a costly outlay to get started. A wine storage system like Modularack allows wine lovers to start small and add additional layers as their wine collection grows.

Wine cellar racks are also great for those who live in small apartments/houses or who do not have a lot of storage space. Because they are modular, you can simply add as many or as few layers as you can fit.

The best feature about a system like Modularack is it allows you to expand as your wine collection grows. Because of the simple design, you can add more layers as you buy more wine. We have had customers buy additional layers, 30 years after their first purchase!

Modularack Wine Racks and other wine rack shelving are also a great option for casual wine lovers. Those who like to keep their options open since there is minimal construction involved.

There is also a smaller, more compact version of Modularack available, called Vinrack. Vinrack is great for casual wine drinkers who only ever need to store a few dozen bottles. It can be placed on a bench for each access and allows you to quickly access your wine. If you are a serious wine collector, you can also use Modularack on a larger scale, please feel free to browse some of our larger cellar photos for inspiration.

No matter what the size of your wine collection is, there is a wine storage solution for you. Modularack would love to assist, please feel free to email if you have any questions or need advice, 

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